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Trade Fairs

BSG a must-have for the Frankfurt Automechanika!

Automechanika, the world's largest international trade fair in the field of equipment, spare parts, accessories, management and service for the automotive industry, organized every two years. This year brought together the industry leaders in Frankfurt on September 11-15.

BSG Auto Parts, which supplies high quality and reliable auto spare parts to more than 63 countries of the world, participated in the fair where the pulse of the sector is kept. The 25th fair this year; More than 5.000 exhibitors from over 70 countries have enabled the company to interact. At this point, BSG Auto Parts has welcomed its guests from different countries and made fruitful interviews.


BSG Auto Parts at Moscow Automechanika Fair!

BSG Auto Parts participated in the MIMS - Automechanika Moscow Fair,
which is the most comprehensive automotive and automotive supplier industry fair on August 27-30, which includes Russia and CIS countries wich hosted many visitors. In our stand had  great interest, guests from more than 500 different countries were hosted and  productive meetings were held with both existing customers and candidate customers.


Automechanika Istanbul 2018-For BSG Intense Interest!

BSG Auto Parts in Automechanika Istanbul 2018 was finished with very high participation. Was one of the focal point forfor both, it's stand design and participants also  activities carried out. BSG Auto Parts brand hosted guests  from Turkey even from many countries  of the world with the participants showed great appreciation and interest.

With over 13.000 product references, the brand brings together quality and reliable products from 5 countries in the world with its existing and potential business partners; efficient and effective interviews was made.